Construction machinery

Construction machinery

The requirements to reduce engine noise and to lower pollutant emissions have led to the fact that engine compartments are increasingly better insulated and the pressures in fuel lines
have increased considerably. As a result, the temperature level in the engine compartment has also risen significantly.

The risk of an engine fire has thus increased significantly!

If a fire has formed in the engine compartment, it can only be controlled with professional fire extinguishing technology.

Our solutions:

Indirect fire suppression system

The POWERTECH tube has a double function:

Firstly it detects the high temperatur due to a fire,which causes its  break,and subsecuently it discharges the agent through it.

Direct fire suppression system

The POWERTECH tube works as a detection device.

When a fire rises the temperature, the tube detects it and, immediately activares the cylinder releasing the extinguishing agent in the protecteted area though the pipes and nozzles.

Advantages of our systems

POWERTECH International GmbH fire suppression system are particularly characterized by the following features: