fire suppression system

Direct release system

The POWERTECH tube has a double function:

Firstly it detects the high temperatur due to a fire,which causes its  break,and subsecuently it discharges the agent through it.

Indirect release system

The POWERTECH tube works as a detection device.

When a fire rises the temperature, the tube detects it and, immediately activares the cylinder releasing the extinguishing agent in the protecteted area though the pipes and nozzles.

Detection tubing

The heat sensitive POWERTECH Detection Tubing  is pressurized with nitrogen and in a fire situation is designed to rupture at any point along its length upon direct flame impingement or at high temperatures associated with fire conditions.

The rupture of the POWERTECH Detection Tubing releases the nitrogen pressure causing the cylinder valve to actuate, resulting in complete discharge of the agent.

The innovative POWERTECH detection line is particularly characterised by the following features: